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  • Manifolded Fume Exhaust System for UNSW SEB

    25 September 2019 fume exhaust system

    The new Science and Engineering Building (SEB), located within the physical sciences precinct at UNSW Sydney’s Kensington campus offers ultra-modern research facilities, science laboratories, classrooms and performance spaces to the Schools of Chemical Engineering,.

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  • Airepure receives Expertise Award

    21 January 2019 Strobic Air Technologies award

    Airepure Australia was presented with the Strobic Air Technologies “2018 Expertise Award” at their recent National Sales Meeting, held during the AHR EXPO 2019 in Atlanta Georgia, USA. The Expertise Award acknowledges Airepure’s “Continued.

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  • Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Filtration Systems

    09 November 2018 Design Checklist

    Design Checklist for Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Filtration Systems This checklist is based on the following assumptions: Assumptions Kitchen exhaust discharge treatment is required as a Performance Solution. This because the Deemed-to-Satisfy Solution, which requires.

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  • Industrial Odour Dilution Solutions

    09 November 2016 Odour dilution

    Industrial facilities should consider odour dilution as a cost effective odour control strategy alongside conventional air filtration methods. Emission Compliance for Industrial Facilities and Manufacturing Plants Industrial facilities across Australia are obliged to comply with the.

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  • Odour Control for Hotel Back of House Areas

    21 October 2016 Garbage

    Hotel back of house areas may be a common source of offensive odours and odour complaints. These areas may include garbage / refuse rooms, loading docks, commercial kitchens, designated outdoor smoking areas or sewer.

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  • Kitchen Exhaust Design Considerations for Hotels

    19 July 2016 Hotel Engineer

    Considering the vast number of hotels and commercial kitchens in Australia, one would expect that exhaust treatment solutions for these applications would be routine. However, whilst the aims of good kitchen design and the.

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