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Air Filtration Systems

Welcome to Camfil Airepure, one of Australia’s national suppliers of air filtration systems, equipment and consumables. We don’t just sell Australia’s most complete range of commercial HVAC and HEPA air filters; we provide the expertise and support our customers need to comply with mandatory standards. Our company is compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and our products are to be found across a wide range of Australian commercial and public utilities. Our customers know they can rely on Airepure to carry the stock they need to keep their air filtration system in perfect order.

We are also accredited by NATA to perform on-site testing and certification services for controlled environments in the health science, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Air Filters, NATA Certification Services & Odour Control Systems

Camfil Airepure’s comprehensive air filtration services include:

Industrial – we provide air filtration, carbon scrubbers and custom odour control technologies for the removal of airborne contaminants of all kinds including dust, toxic and corrosive chemicals and odours. When you entrust your air purification needs to Camfil Airepure, you get the benefit of our unrivalled knowledge of the applicable standards and how they can be met.

Pharmaceutical – our Containment Air Filtration Systems, HEPA Filters and terminal HEPA Housings comply with all applicable standards and guidelines. We offer NATA certified HEPA filter integrity testing and clean room certification, as well as such specialist functions as particle counting, air change rate measurement and Fume Cupboard certification.

Environmental – our wet and dry scrubber technologies for waste water facilities, sewerage and water treatment plants and industrial process exhausts are aimed at effective chemical release prevention and odour control.

Health and Health Science – Camfil Airepure makes it easy for hospitals and day surgeries, cleanrooms and PC3 / PC4 rated laboratories to control airborne contaminants, and meet and exceed mandatory air quality standards for critical care environments. Our Focus Ultra Clean Ventilation systems create controlled clean zones over operating tables.

Commercial – Camfil Airepure is a leading supplier of commercial air conditioning filters, and filters for odour control and VOC removal. We supply electrostatic filtration systems for kitchen exhaust applications, and can help you become AS/NZS 1668.2:2012 compliant.