Deep Bed Air Filters

F5 Rated, 3 Pocket Bag Filters

Camfil Airepure MultiPak Deep Bed Air Filters bags are available in standard sizes with an efficiency of F5, and are suitable for general purpose filtration applications in industrial and commercial applications. The MultiPak air filters are suited to non-critical applications or as a pre-filter to extend the life of the secondary filter.

MultiPak Air Filter Construction

MultiPak F5 filter media is manufactured from bonded synthetic fibres.  All media types are moisture and fungal-resistant and will not shed fibres into the clean air stream. Standard mounting frames consist of an outer fame and inner basket assembly. The outer frame has a 2mm epoxy coated galvanised frame, with a 6mm Epoxy inner basket assembly. Options include 304 and 316 grade stainless steel and reverse flow configurations.

An economical version is available consisting of a galvanised outer frame and a MultiPak bag and wire arrangement, which is a great option if you’re after a pocket bag filter.

Deep Air Bed Filter Maintenance and Servicing

Camfil Airepure can, if required, provide an all inclusive air filter maintenance and replacement media service upon request.

MultiPaks can be easily changed out by simply holding the handles at the sides of the inner basket and applying a slight pulling action to disengage the clips at the sides of the outer frame. The media may then be removed along with the inner basket, or, if preferred, after the basket has been removed. The replacement media is then fitted over the inner basket and reinserted, ensuring the sides of the inner basket clip over the clip mechanism.

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