HEPA Holding Frame for Gasketed Filters

In Duct AC-1 HEPA Holding Frame

Airepure’s AC-1 HEPA holding frames are designed for permanently installing HEPA filters in the field. AC-1 HEPA Holding frames can be used to hold filters individually, or used in multiple filter bank arrangements. They are commonly used to hold AireCell 95, AireFlow-HC and AireCell series of HEPA filters with contain gasketed frames. AC-1 HEPA holding frames are available in a range of standard sizes to suit most applications. Typical applications for AC-1 HEPA holding frames include, medical facilities, universities, pharmaceutical manufacturing, research facilities, food and dairy processing facilities and in any application where a permanent HEPA holding frame is required.


The AC-1 HEPA holding frame is constructed of fully welded 2mm steel and has a zinc plated finish. Factory-drilled alignment holes on each side facilitate positioning of the frames for installation into multiple banks. Alignment bars two on the bottom and one on each side have been welded to each frame. These bars help position the filter correctly so that its gasket correctly lines-up with the sealing flange around the AC-1 HEPA holding frame. Stainless steel removable locking arms and screw assemblies (4 off) are supplied with each frame, once installed these are easily adjusted to hold the filter in place and provide the necessary pressure to eliminate any leaks or bypass associated with the gasket-frame interface.


AC-1 HEPA holding frames can be installed in either the air entering (upstream) side or the air leaving (downstream) side. It is recommended that at least 900mm of clearance is provided in front of the filter to facilitate installation and removal of the filters. Ph. 1300 886 353 AC-1 HEPA Holding Frame


  • Galvanised Frame
  • 304 or 316 Stainless Steel
  • Non-standard Sizes Readily Available

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  • AC-1 HEPA Holding Frame

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