Product Catalogue - Pre Filters

Air pre-filters are usually used for non-critical applications as a secondary pre-filter, and are often used to extend the life of the pre-filter material.

There are a number of different types of pre-filters available, all of which have varying benefits. Our range of air con filters include panel filters, hvac filters, disposable air filters and WD Panel filters, as well as SP Gate filters, Service Pleats, V-Form Panel filters, Pure-V Extended Surface Panel filters, and AirePleat G4 Pleated Panel filters. We also supply Airepleat M11 and Airepleat M13 systems.

Washable/Disposable (WD) Panel Filters

Suitable for all residential and commercial applications, Airepure’s WD Panel filters come in standard and non-standard sizes, with G3 efficiencies in the 8-10mm filter and G4 in the 20-25mm filter.

SP Gate Filters

Our SP Gate filters hold our air filter media pads and are designed to provide additional media support, while also ensuring the quick and economical replacement of filter media pads, when required.

Airepure Service Pleats

These replaceable pleated filter inserts have a metal backing and are designed to fit in universal channel holding frames.

V-Form Panel Filters

Primarily used as pre-filters or secondary filters, V-Form filters are designed for use with suitable ‘F’ type holding frames and are available in a range of standard and custom sizes.

Pure-V Extended Surface Panel Filters

Designed and developed by Airepure Australia, the form and fit of these panels are unlike anything else available on the market today. The impressive durability and strength of the filters also makes metal cages and wire supports unnecessary.

AirePleat G4 High-Capacity Pleated Panel Filters

Our high-capacity panel filters are designed to sustain efficiency when there’s a low-pressure drop, while the self-supporting pleat media ensures usage costs and energy-use is kept to a minimum.

AirePleat M11 Pleated Panel Filters

Our M11 filters are similar to the AirePleat G4 system, but are also suitable for variable air volume systems.

MERV 13 Panel Filters

These filters can be used with most heating, air conditioning and ventilating systems and are perfect for use as a primary filter.

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