Product Catalogue - Air Pollution Control - Chemical Emission Solutions

At Airepure Australia, we understand how important environmental air solutions are to ensure companies are minimising air pollution. As such, we supply a comprehensive range of biological odour control systems and air pollution control systems, which include chemical emission control, wet/dry gas scrubbers and much more!

Air and Water Quality – Wet Scrubbers

We can supply Wet Scrubbers for fumes, Emergency Gas Scrubbers and Degasifiers and Air Strippers, as well as Odour Control Systems, Ejector Tower and Venturi Scrubbers and Duct, Hoods Tanks and other specialty Thermoplastic Fabrications, plus Centrifugal Fans.

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Environmental Air Solutions

Our Biotrickling Systems for Odour and VOC Control can be used to effectively control odours created from a variety of industrial or wastewater systems. This biological odour control system is supplied in a reliable, cost-effective and long-lasting format. These systems are available in a range of sizes to suit varying applications.

Do you want an air filter that minimises your environmental impact? Contact us today to discuss the practicalities and benefits associated with our air pollution solutions.