Product Catalogue - Air Filter Holding Frame / Clips & Framing Systems

Once you’ve established which air filter is best suited to your needs, you’ll need to look at things like air filter frames and air filter clips.

Our range of filtration accessories encompasses everything you could possible need to get your system up and running.

General Airepure F Series Air Filter Holding Frames

The Airepure F Series filters are designed to hold individual HVAC filters or for the construction of filter bank arrangements for upstream or downstream access. They can hold a number of Airepure filters and are made from either galvanised steel or powder coated stainless steel.

General Air Filter Clips and Fasteners

Filter clips are often required for use with holding frames to ensure the frames you’re using meet the requirements of each specified filter. You don’t need any specialised tools to secure the filters or clips, and the clips are available in both P Clips and Corner Clips.

Front Access Frame

The Front Access Frame is a housing frame for our Gas Phase Media Modules. It provides protection by effectively controlling gaseous contamination and odours from animals, auto diesel exhausts and much more. It’s suitable for commercial and light industrial applications.

Side Access System

Also designed for use with our Gas Phase Media systems, our Side Access System removes particulate and gaseous pollutants to eliminate general odour and to control corrosion in commercial and industrial environments.

Magnehelic Gauges

A Magnehelic gauge monitors any filter pressure drops in a range of applications. Our products measure fan and blower pressures, filter resistance, air velocity and much more!

If you’re unsure of what accessories will help maximise the effectiveness of your filtration system, call us on 1300 886 353 for more information.