29 June 2009

Mobile Solutions for Removing Fumes from Sewerage Access (Man-Holes)

Portable DS500 Trailer Unit

In Victoria one water board was faced with the dilemma over how to remove fumes from sewerage access when service staff are called on to reline them, make repairs etc. Clearly there were Occupational Safety and Health issues, and with this particular water board being fined if 3 or more residents complained about the odour this was a major cause of concern for them, so Airepure’s Kel Dingwall was called on to try and prepare a solution.

Thinking outside the square, Kel was able to produce & engineer a mobile Drum Scrubber trailer unit that would extract the fumes & redirect them back into the sewerage system thus ensuring that service staff were not exposed to a dangerous environment and the smell would not be released into the environment (another example of an Airepure green solution). When the waterboard used this unit they were ecstatic – there were no odour complaints from residents (when in the past there would nearly always be issues about the foul stench), & their staff were not subjected to potential OH&S issues. This application is clearly ideal for water boards and the like.

If you would like more information on this, contact Kel in our Melbourne office.


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