01 April 2013

Why Choose Tri-Stack Lab Exhaust Systems over Centrifugal Fans and Stacks

Strobic TriStack

Tri-Stack systems provide significant performance, reliability, and cost advantages over conventional centrifugal exhaust fans.

Strobic Air has been refining mixed flow technology fans for more than two decades, and has pioneered many aerodynamic concepts associated with this technology. Mixed flow fans–originally developed for low pressure, high flow applications–provide optimum performance in virtually all configurations of low pressure and high flow, and high pressure and low flow.

Strobic_Mixed_Flow_Impeller_TechnologyDirect drive mixed-flow impeller systems operate on a unique principle of diluting contaminated exhaust air with unconditioned outside ambient air via a bypass mixing plenum (A) and bypass dampers (B). The diluted process air is accelerated through an optimized discharge nozzle/ wind band (D) where nearly twice as much additional fresh air is entrained into the exhaust plume before leaving the fan assembly (C). Additional fresh air is entrained into the exhaust plume after it leaves the fan assembly through natural aspiration (E).

The combination of added mass and high discharge velocity minimizes risk of contaminated exhaust being re-entrained into building fresh air intakes, doors, windows, or other openings.

They offer substantial advantages over centrifugal-type fans such as higher efficiency performance for lower horsepower requirements for comparable pressures and flows, as well as energy efficient operation. The constant acceleration ratio of mixed flow fan blades permits both the leading and trailing edges to perform equal work, maximizing efficiency and providing a stable performance curve without stall or unstall sections.

Because Tri-Stack systems require little or no maintenance, health and safety considerations of maintenance people (on the roof) are dramatically reduced, while freeing them for more productive work. In addition, the need for large rooftop platforms to protect maintenance workers is also eliminated, reducing costs and weight on the roof structure.

On a direct operating cost basis, use of Tri-Stack mixed flow fan technology reduces energy consumption. When combined with accessory thermal recovery systems, Tri-Stack systems dramatically lower overall energy costs for building climate control.

See attached pume rse comparison for the Strobic Air Tri-Stack compared with a conventional centrifugal fan and stack configuration.



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