Routine filter & carbon media replacement for the Airepure Kaire™ Unit

The Airepure Kaire™ Unit is a multi-staged, combination filtration system typically utilising three stages of particle filtration and one final stage of odour removal.

Quality Airepure particulate filters and carbon media ensure reliability, high performance and low operating costs.

Maintaining the reliable function of the Airepure Kaire™ Units requires routine replacement of particulate filters and carbon media. Replacement frequency depends on contaminant load.

Our service technicians can provide regular onsite change over and replacement of particulate filters and carbon media within your existing Kaire™ Unit installations, using new filters and media from our own stock holdings.

Our replacement Kaire™ Unit filters include:

  • Airepure G4 Pure-V 100mm deep pleated panel filters
  • Airepure F7 AirePak 380mm deep 8 pocket bags
  • Airepure E11 AireFlow-V 300mm deep mini-pleat filters
  • Airepure activated carbon media for the PM18 450mm deep refillable modules

Service visits are usually arranged out of business hours when the commercial kitchen is closed and the Kaire™ Unit is not in use.

Used filters and carbon media are boxed and sealed upon completion of the Kaire™ Unit service and returned to Airepure for ethical disposal.

Kaire unit

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