Replacement and Testing of HEPA Filters within Hospital Cleanrooms

Airepure NATA certified on-site technicians can replace gel seal or gasket seal HEPA filters within your existing installations, and perform HEPA filter integrity testing to meet Australian Standards and state healthcare regulations.

We supply an extensive range of HEPA filters rated at E11, H14 or U15 efficiencies to EN 1822:2009.

We can provide replacement and testing of HEPA filters within the following existing hospital installations:

  • Operating theatres, including terminal supply HEPA housings, uni-directional laminar airflow systems and UCV (ultra clean ventilation) systems
  • Operating theatre setup and recovery areas
  • Sterile stores areas (CSSD)
  • Positive isolation rooms, cancer wards, burns rooms and other designated immune suppressed areas
  • Laboratory cleanroom areas, including air showers and pass through boxes and hatches
  • Clean spaces within pharmacy, cytotoxic dispensing areas, pathology areas
  • Cyclotron / nuclear medicine areas
  • Isolation rooms, including exhaust filtration containment systems, in-line HEPA housings and BIBO (bag-in/bag-out) systems

Refer to What Happens During a Typical HEPA Filter Replacement?

Important Considerations for Hospital Air Filter Replacement

  • Is there safe access to the filters? Are ladders or mobile scaffolding required to access this area?
  • When should this filter HEPA replacement and testing be conducted? Day, night, during business hours, after hours, weekends. Is there a window of time allocated to complete this work?
  • Infection control – What procedures or protocols are in place for the designated area? What is expected of our on-site technicians?
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