Replacement and Testing of HEPA Filters within Airepure HEPA Housings

Airepure’s NATA certified on-site technicians can replace HEPA filters within Airepure terminal and inline HEPA modules, and perform relevant testing and certification to meet Australian Standards.

We can provide replacement and testing of HEPA filters within the following Airepure terminal HEPA modules:

  • Terminal CS (channel seal) HEPA ceiling module
  • Terminal CST (ceiling and suspension ceiling type) room-side replaceable HEPA module
  • GSM (gasket seal module) terminal HEPA filter module
  • Terminal TST (T-bar suspension type) disposable ducted HEPA module
  • In duct HEPA (AHU/duct plenum) systems
  • Inline HEPA modules
  • Custom supply or exhaust HEPA modules

Airepure can also replace and test filters within competitors systems.

Refer to Important Considerations for Hospital Air Filter Replacement &  What Happens During a Typical HEPA Filter Replacement?

Inline HEPA module

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