Routine testing and replacement of chemical media within Airepure gaseous filtration systems

Airepure can provide testing and replacement of chemical media within the following custom Airepure gaseous filtration systems:

  • Front access or side access housings
  • Corrosive air systems
  • Positive pressure units
  • Deep bed scrubbers
  • Drum scrubbers
  • Emergency gas scrubbers
  • Custom odour control units and systems

Our service technicians can provide timely onsite change over and replacement of Airepure and Purafil chemical and carbon media within your existing gaseous filtration system installations, using new media from our own stock holdings.

Purafil Chemical Media Life Analysis

As a complimentary service, Airepure will arrange for samples of Purafil chemical media from your custom gaseous filtration system to be analysed by Purafil’s laboratory to determine the remaining life. A date for replacement can then be scheduled to ensure the chemical media is replaced at the right time.

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