Service Catalogue - HVAC Filter Replacement

On-Site Replacement of HVAC Filters

Airepure offer an extensive range of quality air filters for commercial and industrial HVAC systems, stocked nationally across our office/warehouse locations.

Our service technicians can provide regular onsite change over and replacement of particulate and odour filters within your existing installations, using new filters from our own stock holdings.

Airepure HVAC filter replacement services cater to a variety of existing installations, including:

Our extensive range of replacement HVAC filters include:

  • Pre filters, including flat panel filters, metal v-form filters, cardboard disposable filters, bag filters and pocket filters.
  • Intermediate filters, including high velocity filters, compact filters, v-bank filters and rigid cell filters
  • Odour filters, VOC filters and activated carbon filters

What Happens During a Typical HVAC Filter Replacement?

  • Depending on client requirements, the air is either left on within the unit or turned off prior to filter replacement.
  • Access to the filters is typically gained via an access door.
  • Used filters are carefully removed.
  • The inside of the plenum and filter frames are cleaned, removing any debris.
  • If applicable, the type of air filter is upgraded.
  • New filters are fit into the frames.
  • Filter installation dates are recorded via the client log book or a supplied label on the side of the unit.
  • If applicable, the air is turned back on within the unit.
  • Used filters are boxed and sealed upon completion of the filter replacement job and returned to Airepure for ethical disposal.