Washable / Disposable Panel Filters

Washable Panel Filter / Disposable Panel Filter

Airepure Australia’s WD Panel Filters are available in standard and custom sizes. Our air panel filters have efficiencies of G3 for the 8-10mm filter to G4 for the 20-25mm G4 Flat Panel Filter. They’re suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

The panel air filter will work well when used in non-critical applications, such as a pre filter. This particular panel filter is made up of banks from the appropriate ‘F’ type holding frame.

The Construction of the WD Panel Filter

The 20-25mm WD Panel Filter has a rugged galvanised steel frame that encloses the filter medium between two pieces of galvanised mesh. The corners are mitred and the frame is secured with pop rivets. We also supply an aluminium-framed version of our WD Panel Filter.

The filter medium is available in a G4 rating and is manufactured from bonded synthetic fibres. Other efficiencies are also available upon request.

The 8-10mm WD Panel Filter, on the other hand, has an aluminium frame with the filter medium being held in place with a plastic spline that is imbedded into a slot in the frame. The filter medium is available with a G3 rating and is manufactured from synthetic fibres, the same as the 20-25mm panel filter.

Washable Panel Filter Maintenance

Our washable filters should be hosed down from the clean air side and can be washed up to 20 times, allowing care is taken during each wash. Check the filter media for wear or damage before returning the filter to its frame. If the filter pad is damaged, replace it with a new one.

WD Panel Filter Features

  • Heavy-duty 1mm gal construction
  • Mitred corners
  • Aluminium version available
  • Washable and reusable
  • Standard and special sizes are available

For more information on our disposable and washable panel filters, and to find out how the information on this page relates to your filtration equipment, contact Airepure Australia today!

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