Extended Surface Panel Filters


Airepure’s range of V-Form Panel Filters are available in standard and non-standard sizes with efficiencies of G4 or F5 to EN 779 and are available in a range of standard and non standard sizes of nominal 50 and 100mm thicknesses. V-Form filters are suited to non-critical applications or as a pre-filter to extend the life of the secondary filter. V-Form filters are easily made-up in banks with the use of the appropriate ‘F’ type holding frame.


V-Form Panel Filters come in a metal outer frame with either a 13mm galvanised mesh each side of the filter medium or steel cage supports The corners are mitred and the frame is secured with pop rivets. The filter medium is available in a G4 or F5 rating and is manufactured from bonded synthetic fibres, other efficiencies are available upon request. V-Form extended surface panel filters are suitable as a primary filter to meet AS 1668.2 and can be installed in universal holding frames, side access applications and similar existing hardware. They may be used as pre-filters to extend the life of AirePak, PurePak, PureCell and AireFlow- V filters in these framing systems.


Washable filters should be hosed from the clean air side and may be washed up to 20 times with care. Before installing back into frames or slides check media for wear or damage and replace filter if necessary.


  • Non Standard Sizes Readily Available
  • Available in 304 & 316 Grade Stainless Steel

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  • V-Form - Metal frame with steel cage supports
  • V-Form - Metal frame with galvanised mesh

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