Disposable HEPA / ULPA Module

Terminal TST HEPA Module

The T-Bar Suspension Type (TST) disposable ducted HEPA/ULPA module with mini pleat filter pack is an ideal terminal filter hood for pharmaceutical and biotech cleanrooms, or wherever hoods are regularly validated for performance and leak-free operation. Lightweight and low profile, the TST module is available in HEPA (99.99% to 0.3 μm) and ULPA (99.9995% to 12 μm) grade efficiencies.

Typically installed into tee-bar ceilings, the TST module is well suited to Class 100 “spot” applications and may also be used to create Class 10,000 to Class 100,000 areas by locating the appropriate number of units in the ceiling. Units may also be installed for 100% ceiling coverage to achieve cleanliness levels to Class 10.

TST modules typically operate at velocities of 0.51m/sec making them an ideal solution for either laminar or non-laminar flow applications in gasketed tee-bar systems.


TST housings are manufactured from extruded anodised aluminium. The HEPA and ULPA Filter media are manufactured from moisture resistant non-woven glass micro fibres, and are produced with a wet laid process similar to those used for the production of paper. The HEPA media is then formed into closely-spaced pleats held firmly in place with polyurethane sealant bead separators.


• Minipleat separatorless filter pack
• Thin, light-weighted design
• Fully disposable
• HEPA/ULPA paper tested to MIL-STD-282
• Optional adjustable damper
• Optional DOP and static pressure ports
• Optional 12mm PE Insulation material on outer casing
• Available in a range of standard and non-standard sizes

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  • TST-204 Module - Bottom View
  • TST-204 Module - Top View

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