Side Access Systems for Gaseous & Particulate


The Camfil Airepure Side Access System is designed to remove both particulate and gaseous pollutants for general odor and corrosion control in commercial and industrial environments.

Custom Design

A full range of size options, pre-filter selections and particulate final filter alternatives are available for customization of your system.

Media Selection

We offer a wide variety of engineered, dry-chemical media that target individual contaminants. You may customize your selection of engineered media according to the contaminants present in your unique environment.

Retrofit Applications

Camfil Airepure systems accommodate virtually any airflow, offer a wide selection of filter options, and are not limited by size. Flexible system designs enable you to tailor your system according to the needs of your budget, space and air handling system.

System Support

Our comprehensive service program includes media life analysis, environmental classification coupon testing and competitive media capacity testing.

The Camfil Airepure service team can provide regular maintenance (including filter and media replacement) as required. Refer to

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