Side Access Systems for Gaseous & Particulate


THE PURAFIL SIDE ACCESS SYSTEM (PSA) is designed to remove both particulate and gaseous pollutants for general odor and corrosion control in commercial and industrial environments. The PSA offers Purafil’s patent-pending Posi-Track technology, which creates a positive seal to prevent air bypass and enhance filtration efficiency.

Custom Design

The flexibility of the Purafil Side Access System permits customized designs for specific installation requirements. A full range of size options, prefilter selections and particulate final filter alternatives are available for customization of your system.

Easy Maintenance

Purafil’s Side Access Systems are tracked to house disposable MediaPAKTM modules, which are factory filled with your choice of Purafil media. When the media inside the module is spent, the old module is simply replaced with a new one; no tools are required.

Maximum Efficiency

The use of the patented Posi-TrackTM technology offers a higher filtration efficiency than other side access system designs. The key to the Posi-TrackTM self-sealing technology is both the placement and the angle of the slanted tracking and corresponding notch in the MediaPAKTM module (shown right). The weight of the module forces it against the channel and creates a positive seal with the tracking. As an alternative to pelletized media modules, the PSA is also available with PuraGRID filters containing GridBLOK technology, Purafil’s newest gas phase-air filtration medium. This revolutionary new filter is designed to supply a large amount of chemical filtration with minimal pressure drop, increasing operational performance and energy savings.

Media Selection

Purafil offers a wide variety of engineered, dry-chemical media that target individual contaminants. You may customize your selection of engineered media according to the contaminants present in your unique environment.

Retrofit Applications

Purafil’s systems accommodate virtually any airflow, offer a wide selection of filter options, and are not limited by size. Flexible system designs enable you to tailor your system according to the needs of your budget, space and air handling system.

System Support

Your local Airepure representative for details on the technical services offered by our state-of-the-art laboratory. Purafil’s comprehensive service program includes media life analysis, environmental classification coupon testing and competitive media capacity testing.

Structural Integrity

The Purafil Side Access System is constructed of aluminum double-wall casing, with monolithic panels for system rigidity and uniformity. The double-wall material allows for quieter operation and thermal efficiency and with the addition of the rounded edges, provides a sleeker finish to the unit.



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