Commercial Scale ESP with Automatic Cleaning

Halton’s PowerClean™ is a robust large scale or plant room type electrostatic precipitator (ESP) with automatic cleaning is designed and tailored to control kitchen exhaust emissions from all types of cooking applications.

With configurations at 1.85m/s or 2.54m/s, the PowerClean™ utilises a single ESP stage followed by an extended surface bag filter and gaseous filter in an Airepure designed side access housing to deliver a minimum 0.3 micron particulate removal efficiency of 99%+ (EN 1822.5:2009), and an initial contact efficiency of 99%+ with odours.

Automatic Wash ESP: High Reliability, Low Maintenance

The PowerClean™ Unit incorporates four stages of kitchen exhaust filtration and an automatic wash system to economically control light to heavy smoke, grease and cooking odours. The first three stages target the removal of particulate contaminants and include the washing system, while the fourth stage uses activated carbon media to remove odours.

Typically, there are two types of ESP’s available; a manual wash or an automatic wash system. Manual wash ESP’s are typically a lower capital cost investment, with a higher ongoing maintenance cost. This is due to the labour intensive frequent manual washing and replacement of ESP cells.

Automatic wash ESP’s are typically a high capital cost investment, with an extremely low comparative maintenance cost, due to the inbuilt automatic cleaning of the ESP cells, and long-term system durability. Particularly for larger kitchens, or kitchens with a high amount of contaminants expected from the cooking process, an automatic wash ESP offers a far more attractive total life cycle cost and level of continued performance.

Pre filtration stage: 50mm deep aluminium mesh pre-filter to collect large airborne particulates and prevent overspray from automatic washing system.

Electrostatic precipitator: 380mm deep ioniser-collector electrostatic cells containing 316 stainless steel spiked ionisers and aluminium collecting plates. Uses electrostatic air cleaning technology to achieve a minimum particulate filtration efficiency of 99%+ at 0.3 microns as per EN1822.5:2009 standards.

Extended surface bag filter: Airepure F6 or F8 AirePak 380mm deep with 8 pocket bags that are sonically sealed and moisture resistant, acts as a back-up safety filter for your peace of mind.

Integrated automatic cleaning system: Complete, effective wash-in-place cleaning and drying of all ionizer collector cells, assuring optimum performance and maximum system reliability. A user-friendly programmable logic control (PLC) initiates all system functions automatically at a predetermined schedule or with a manual push button.

Final odour removal stage: Airepure PM18 450mm deep refillable modules filled with activated carbon media. There is a minimum of 35kg / 610mm x 610mm filter of activated carbon media providing an initial contact efficiency of 99%+ with odours. Tailored gaseous filtration for certain applications is available.

Integrated In-Line Fan: A Fantech integrated in-line fan maintains constant airflow volume via a pressure sensor and VSD. Perfectly matched to the PowerClean™ filtration system, this high performance, fully integrated in-line fan ensures effective air extraction, helps to reduce installation time and eliminates the need for separate fan selections.

PowerClean™ Advantages

Long term reliability and experienced support – Airepure Australia has supplied and helped maintain PowerClean™ ESP systems that have remained operating at 100% performance for more than 15 years without the replacement of any mechanical or electrical parts. Further information on case studies is available from Airepure.

Low water usage rates – For the effective and compliant performance of an automatic wash ESP, wash water of temperature 60°C and a grease trap on the drain is required.  Typically an automatic wash ESP with a high-water usage during cleaning can place a significant burden on the design and operation of a building’s plumbing system.

The PowerClean is designed for lower water usage rates whilst still effectively cleaning the ESP system, which can provide significant cost savings initially and long term.

Flexible system configurations – Customisations of the PowerClean™ system to comply with restricted plumbing, spatial allowances or performance requirements is possible.  An experienced team of engineers at Airepure and Halton USA have delivered many custom solutions to suit the needs of various projects. Contact the Airepure team for further details.

Tailored Odour Control Media Available – Activated Carbon is adequate at removing odours for most kitchens; however certain types of cooking can release odours that are not removed by activated carbon.

To overcome this, the PowerClean’s odour control section can be upgraded to include a 50:50 media blend of activated carbon and activated alumina impregnated with potassium permanganate.  Additionally, if the exhaust location is extra sensitive, it is advised to use this specialised media to ensure maximum odour removal. The odour control section can be interchanged between  activated carbon and tailored odour control media at any stage if circumstances change.

Reliable ioniser construction – PowerClean™ utilises rugged ionising electrodes made from rigid 316 grade stainless steel that conducts a high-frequency electronic charge. This sturdy construction is more reliable than the fragile ionising wires or insulators used in less durable ioniser designs.

Permanent aluminium collection cells – PowerClean’s unique permanent collector cells are designed to last the lifetime of the system and save on maintenance costs because they never need to be replaced.

A combination of deep cell design and highly conductive rigid aluminium plates ensures high-efficiency particle collection that is delivered instantly and continuously for superior performance with long service intervals.

Safe, reliable and fast recovery power supplies – Downtime on power supplies renders the ESP cells as ineffective.  PowerClean’s superior and robust electronics delivers reliable operation and split-second recovery from momentary arcing due to heavily contaminated particles in the air stream.


The PowerClean is furnished with these accessories:

  • Wash System: detergent dispenser, detergent concentrate, backflow preventer, solenoid valve, pressure gauge, wash water strainer and ball valve.
  • High Voltage Electrical System: power pack, HV cable, terminations.
  • Control: PLC panel.
  • Monitoring: Differential pressure transmitter for bag filter, BACnet for PowerClean™ system available.

The information provided on this website is general in nature but is accurate at the time of posting to the best of Airepure Australia’s knowledge, however, it should not be relied upon. Circumstances may vary with every installation and location, therefore suitability of all Airepure products should be clarified with a qualified Airepure Technical Representative. ©Airepure Australia 2020


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