In-Room and In-Duct Air Cleaners

Camfil’s range of in-room and in-duct air cleaners are efficient in providing clean air to various indoor environments, from small rooms and office spaces through to large open plan areas, warehouses, cleanrooms and food production facilities.  Designed to improve indoor air quality through the removal of ultrafine airborne particles, our air cleaners can also address specific odour issues through molecular filtration options.

Camfil Air Cleaner Benefits

  • Reduced energy costs through efficient air purification.
  • Reduced need for cleaning through effective removal of dust and other airborne particles.
  • Cleaner indoor air quality through our use of Camfil Absolute HEPA filters.
  • More efficient production through zone cleaning within larger premises.
  • Healthier employees through cleaner air.

Our range of in-room air cleaners include:

  • City Touch air purifier with E11 rated particulate filtration and VOC filtration for smaller spaces up to 60m2 such as commercial offices, meeting rooms and hotel rooms.
  • CC 410 (Concealed) in duct room air cleaner with HEPA filtration and gaseous filtration for small to medium sized spaces up to 140m2 such as commercial offices, conference rooms and hospital suites.
  • CC 1700 room air cleaner with HEPA filtration and targeted gaseous filtration for medium sized spaces up to 300m2.
  • CC 2100 room air cleaner with HEPA filtration and targeted gaseous filtration for larger sized spaces up to 400m2.
  • CC 6000 room air cleaner with HEPA filtration and targeted gaseous filtration comes in vertical and horizontal configurations to suit larger sized spaces from 750m2 to 1500m2.
  • CC 6000 ProSafe room air cleaner with HEPA filtration for effective and hygienic air recirculation within the product distribution and storage areas of food and pharmaceutical processing facilities. Our Camfil ProSafe range conforms to BRCGS standards for food safety to help you comply with stringent industry standards on safety, traceability and control.

For more information regarding our range of air cleaners, please go to Improve your indoor air quality with a Camfil air cleaner | Camfil

Indoor Air Quality Analysis

Our range of air cleaners are compatible with Camfil’s online IAQ Analysis system to provide you with a direct picture of the air quality within your rooms.  With the aid of a calibrated particle counter, real-time particle measurements and IAQ analysis of your rooms can be viewed and compared online.

Can In-Room Air Cleaners Reduce COVID-19 in the Air of your Space/Room?

On January 21, 2021 ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) released the document In-Room Air Cleaner Guidance for Reducing Covid-19 In Air In Your Space/Room

A copy of this document is available on this page under downloads.


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