Housing frame for Purafil Gas Phase Media Modules

The Front Access Frame (FAF’s) provides effective protection by controlling gaseous contamination and general odours within commercial and light industrial applications.

Typical applications for the Front Access Frame include:

  • Animal Odours
  • Auto Diesel Exhaust
  • Bathroom Odours
  • Body Odours
  • Cleaning Compounds
  • Cooking Odours
  • Hospital Odours
  • Jet Exhaust Fumes
  • Laboratory Odours
  • Mildew/mould Odours
  • Printing/copying Odours
  • Tobacco Odours
  • SO2, NOX, HCHO, O3

The information provided on this webpage is general in nature but is accurate at the time of posting to the best of Airepure Australia’s knowledge, however, it should not be relied upon. Circumstances may vary with every installation and location, therefore suitability of all Airepure products should be clarified with a qualified Airepure Technical Representative. ©Airepure Australia 2020

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