Holding Frames for General Air Filters


Airepure F Series Holding Frames are used to hold HVAC filters individually or to construct filter bank arrangements for upstream or downstream access.

Airepure filters that may be used with the F Series Holding Frames include WD Panel Filters, SP Gate Filters, V-Form Panel Filters, Pure-V Panel Filters, AirePleat Panel Filters, AirePak Multi-Pocket Filters, PurePak Synthetic Media Rigid Filters, PureCell Separator Type Rigid Filters, PureCell II Mini-Pleat Rigid Filters, Honeycomb metal washable filters, and AirePleat- AC Activated Carbon Pleated Filters.

Three series of F Frames are available; F1 Series frames holds 25mm to 50mm filters, F2 Series frames holds 75mm to 100mm filters, F3 Series frames holds 125mm to 150mm filters. F2 and F3 Series frames can be used to retain a single filter or two filters in a series.

Standard frames are constructed from 16 gauge galvanised steel. Stainless steel and powder coated frames are available options and special sizes are available on request. A variety of filter clips are available for use with the F Series Frames and supplied filter clips are selected to meet the requirements of the specified filters. Clips do not require the use of specialised tools to secure the filters.

F Series Frames may be assembled with poprivets or by using nuts and bolts. Prior to assembly, all sides of the frame should be caulked with non-hardening compound to prevent air bypass. Filter banks three frames or higher should be strengthened with 75mm wide 1.6mm stiffeners between each vertical row.

The information provided in this brochure is accurate at the time of printing to the best of Airepure Australia’ knowledge, however, it should not be relied upon. Circumstances differ with every installation and location therefore suitability of all Airepure products should be confirmed with a qualified Airepure Technical Representative. ©Airepure Australia 2012

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