Biotrickling Systems for Odour and VOC Control

Biological Odour Control Systems

Bacterial action can be used to effectively control odours from a variety of industrial or wastewater systems. Engineered system take this basic biological function – and provide it in a reliable, cost effective and long lasting format. These systems can be referred to as biotrickling, bioscrubbing, bioxidiation and biological odour control systems amongst other terms. In all cases, the vessels, media, tanks and pumps are aimed at providing ideal conditions for both the air/liquid exchange of undesirable compounds so that microbial action can transform the compounds into harmless waste.

Device sizes and configurations will depend on chemical load and the amount of odour to be controlled. A typical, small to medium sized system, will consist of a vessel whose exterior is fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) with a sealed lid that houses an internal framework to support Bio-Reaction’s patented Bio-airSPHERES for the adsorption and digestion of odourous compounds. The standard unit is equipped with an automated humidification/watering system and an induced draft fan. Such a system is capable of handling H2S gas and other odour compounds in airflows up to 350 m3/hr.

Larger systems will typically contain two stages of treatment and in some cases a polishing dry media stage. These large systems may be FRP or concrete depending on the application and sized up to airflows of tens of thousands m3/hr

Advantages of Biotrickling systems include.

Very low energy and operating costs
Complete breakdown of odour compounds
Little to no chemical use No nutrient addition for most applications
Long media life sustained with multiple treatment areas
Virtually maintenance-free
Flexible design for easy expansion
Compact, space-saving footprint
Sustainable, reliable, and proven technology

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