Deep Bed Air Filters

F5 Rated, 2 Pocket Bag Filters

Camfil Airepure DuoPak Deep Bed Filters are available in standard sizes with an efficiency of MERV 10 (F5) to ASHRAE 52.2 Test Method and are suitable for general purpose filtration applications in industrial and commercial applications. The DuoPak Deep Bed Filters are suited for non-critical applications or as a pre-filter to extend the life of the secondary filter.


The DuoPak filter media is manufactured from bonded synthetic fibres, moisture and fungus resistant and will not shed fibres into the clean air stream. Pockets are double over-lock sewn and mechanically sealed to a wire retaining frame. There is sufficient media overlap to ensure a positive seal between the filter and holding frame. Standard mounting frame consist of a 1.2mm Galvabond outer fame and incorporates an integral “V” clip to retain the filter.


Camfil Airepure can provide an all inclusive air filter maintenance, replacement media service upon request. DuoPaks are easily changed out by simply applying a slight pulling action to disengage the “V” clip at the sides of the frame. No tools are required to replace the filter.

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