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Airepure Air Showers are enclosures specifically designed for removing surface particles from personnel or materials prior to entering a cleanroom work area. They are typically installed between the change room area and the cleanroom and are used for demanding applications in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, animal research and food processing markets.

The Air Shower is a high velocity, low pressure type system, providing a normal entrance to and exit from a contamination controlled area. Air showers supply concentrated HEPA filtered air in high velocity jets that lift off contamination while an individual stands in, or walks through, the specially constructed air chamber. When the unit is activated, pressurised filtered air streams from adjustable nozzles at a velocity between 22 and 26 m/sec ensuring efficient scrubbing action necessary to remove particulate matter.

Nozzles are arranged on walls and ceilings in a uniform pattern to ensure effective distribution of filtered air. The closed loop circulation design directs contaminated air downward through grills and hollow walls of the air shower and back to the filter, which removes 99.99% of all particles down to 0.3 microns.

Interlocking doors prevent unnecessary contamination inflow and thereby prevent cross-contamination of the cleanroom and the air shower. A power failure safety feature automatically releases the doors in the event of a power failure to ensure operator safety. Fluorescent lighting built into the ceiling to allow unimpeded air circulation and ensures full visibility no matter what configuration or design is selected. In addition, an emergency stop button is supplied on each air shower with an optional audible alarm which releases the door lock for exiting.


  • Main body construction: heavy gauge steel or 304SS with 304SS floor to minimise particle generation.
  • Optional powder coating to a range of colours to suit customer specifications.
  • Double Door model, allows movement of carts and large equipment into cleanroom area.
  • Emergency Stop button
  • Power failure safety function Interior fluorescent lighting and flush mounted windows Programmable microprocessor control, touch panel, and timer with LED display
  • Running & clean mode indicators fitted on front & rear doors
  • Optional timer, which deactivates interlock system 5 seconds after air shower clean mode has finished.
  • Optional audio system
  • Custom sizes are readily available

The information provided on this web page is accurate at the time of printing to the best of Airepure Australia’ knowledge, however, it should not be relied upon. Circumstances differ with every installation and location therefore suitability of all Airepure products should be confirmed with a qualified Airepure Technical Representative. ©Airepure Australia 2017

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