Gel Seal Ducted Terminal HEPA / ULPA Module

Terminal CS HEPA Filter Module

Our Channel Seal (CS) HEPA Ceiling Module is an ideal terminal HEPA filter module for pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities, or for any other facility that requires clean-room level air filtration.

The CS HEPA Ceiling Module has been designed to ensure HEPA filters can be tested and replaced without disturbing the HEPA filter housing.

Standard Filter Module Features

  • Galvanised housing that’s powder-coated and white on the inside
  • 304SS fully-welded HEPA filter retaining assembly
  • Airflow distribution plate located on inlet to dispose air uniformly across HEPA filter
  • The gel-seal design offers superior protection against bypass leakage
  • 304SS perforated screens
  • The 40mm ‘Turned-up’ edge provides superior sealing against varying ceiling types
  • It includes a static pressure port for evaluating HEPA filter pressure drops and for sampling the upstream aerosol concentration during filter scanning testing
  • Nominal 50mm deep AirePanel CS Mini-Pleat HEPA Filter H14 to EN1822:2009

Option Filter Module Features 

  • Fully welded construction in either galvanised, 304 or 316 stainless steel
  • Fully powder-coated finish
  • Adjustable butterfly damper
  • Roomside aerosol injection port
  • 100mm Deep AirePanel CS Mini-Pleat HEPA Filter H14 to EN1822:2009 (lower initial pressure drop)
  • Nominal 50mm and 100mm AirePanel CS Mini-Pleat ULPA filters H14 to EN1822:2009

CS HEPA Module Design

Airepure® AirePanel CS Mini-Pleat filters used in the CS HEPA modules utilise “gel seal” technology. Instead of a gasket, the filter has a perimeter channel filled with “Gel” seal, a self-adhesive, self-healing silicone compound. When the filter is raised into position, a knife edge flange in the module penetrates into the gel channel, thereby creating a leak-tight interface. Four simple retainers located on the corners of the module are then turned 90° degrees to hold the filter in place, thereby guarantying a uniform and permanent seal between filter and housing. Gel seal technology eliminates the bypass problems usually associated with gasket seal applications. Gel seal filters provide a superior leak free protection critical for cleanroom installations.

Filter Replacement

Airepure recommend replacing gel seal HEPA filters when contaminated or the loaded pressure is reached, but no longer than 5 years from manufacture date due to possible degradation of the gel. Refer to https://www.airepure.com.au/issues-affecting-gel-seal-hepa-filters/

The information provided on this web page is accurate at the time of printing to the best of Airepure Australia’ knowledge, however, it should not be relied upon. Circumstances differ with every installation and location therefore suitability of all Airepure products should be confirmed with a qualified Airepure Technical Representative. ©Airepure Australia 2018

  • Standard CS Terminal HEPA Module
  • Optional CS Terminal HEPA Module with Swirl Diffuser
  • AirePanel CS Mini-Pleat HEPA Filter

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