Sea Salt Particle Arrestance Filter


The National Air Filtration’s publication “NAFA Guide to Air Filtration” shows sea salt as falling within a size range of approximately 0.05 to 0.5 microns in diameter. The AP Sea Salt Filter will achieve 90%+ removal efficiency within this particle size, and will increase the life of your equipment by reducing the effects of corrosion due to salt. The AP Salt Arrestor Filter replaces conventional filters where sea salt (airborne salt) is a concern. These “salt filters” are used in make-up and return AHU applications in facilities located near oceans and in food processing applications. Average arrestance efficiency is 90%+, reducing over 90% of sea salt particles. The sturdy design is re-enforced with polypropylene separators.

Important Features & Benefits

  • Airborne sea salt particle arrestance
  • Sturdy, polypropylene separator design
  • Plywood Frame Glass Fibre Media
  • Reduces over 90% of sea salt particles
  • 100% Max. Peak Relative Humidity (RH) at 0 Condensation
  • 60° Celsius (C) Max. Continuous Operation Temperature
  • Custom Sizes Available

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  • AP Sea Salt Filter

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