Activated Carbon Pleated Filter

The AirePleat-CC combines the low resistance, high dust holding capacity of a self-supporting Pure-V pleated filter with the odour and vapour removing abilities of activated carbon for combined particle and gas filtration.

AirePleat-CC activated carbon pleated filters are suitable for commercial or industrial applications with low to intermittent vapour problems.

Typical odour control applications for AirePleat-CC filters may include commercial garbage or refuse rooms, commercial or light industrial storage rooms, light industrial or factory offices or any other application with minor odour or vapour problems.

AirePleat CC Construction

The AirePleat-CC pleated carbon media comprises a matrix of densely packed activated carbon media granules, bonded between the fibres of two non-woven synthetic layers of filtration media, allowing efficient removal of particulates and odours with minimal airflow resistance.

The activated carbon media granules are premium grade virgin coconut shell granules with a minimum 60% CTC (carbon tetrachloride) activity level. The pleated carbon media is encased and sealed within a moisture resistant beverage board frame Activity Level Ability of activated carbon to catch and hold a gas or vapour is referred to as its level of “activity.” The higher the activity level, the higher its adsorption level. The activated carbon used in the in this filter is a coconut shell material with an activity level of 60% or more when subjected to the most common test, using carbon tetrachloride. However, the effectiveness of activated carbon will actually vary considerably depending upon the odour or vapour to be removed. Typically, the adsorptive capacity of activated carbon is higher for those adsorbates with higher molecular weights and boiling points. A chart on the back side of this sheet lists activated carbon’s typical effectiveness on various substances with a ranking from 1 (low effectiveness) to 4 (high, typically adsorbs to level of 20% or more of the carbon’s weight).

The effective life of activated carbon depends upon the type and quantity of substances to be adsorbed and their dwell time in contact with the activated carbon.

AirePleat CC Features

  • Media maximising V-Pleat design
  • Expanded metal grid prevents media flutter while in operation
  • Diagonal and horizontal support members provide frame strength
  • Moisture resistant beverage board
  • AirePleat-CC is available in all the standard sizes and are available in non-standard cut-down versions


Camfil CITYPLEAT advantages include:

  • “2 in 1” filtration solution – particulate and molecular
  • Rapid adsorption dynamics
  • Ozone rating Oz5 or Oz6
  • 100% incinerable
  • Can be used to upgrade existing installations
  • Lightweight and clean

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