High Capacity Honeycomb Grid Carbon Filter

High Capacity, Activated Carbon Filter

The AireFlow-VC combines the low resistance V-bank design with odour and vapour removing abilities of activated carbon to create a compact high performance molecular filter able to provide enhanced indoor air quality through gas filtration.

AireFlow-VC high capacity honeycomb grid carbon filters are designed for use in most commercial or industrial HVAC systems where effective removal of contaminating gases and odours is required.

Designed to withstand the rigors of turbulent airflow, an AireFlow-VC placed in a commercial HVAC air stream can remove many gaseous contaminants that cause poor indoor air quality. The adsorptive capacity of the activated carbon can effectively remove odours and vapours such as diesel and petro-chemical fumes, hydrocarbons and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

Typical applications for AireFlow-VC filters include industrial and food processing plants, hospitals, research facilities, airports, loading docks, office buildings and in any application where effective gaseous containment and odour control and high velocities are a requirement.

Sturdy, Honeycomb Grid Construction

AireFlow-VC filters consist of four V-bank honeycomb grid activated carbon filter packs, mounted into a plastic frame to allow efficient removal of odours with minimal airflow resistance. This V-bank design ensures a high media content with increased carbon adsorption filter capacity, extended overall lifetimes and a very low pressure drop.

Easy Installation for HVAC Applications

The AireFlow-VC filter has been designed to fit all commonly used filter frames and housings; header size is 25mm, and requires only 300mm depth for installation. Installation position, service side and direction of airflow can be in any direction.


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