Extended Surface Mini-Pleat Filter

The Airepure AireFlow-V is a durable commercial or industrial air filter, suited to HVAC systems with medium to high efficiency filtration requirements.

This mini-pleat filter can remove airborne contaminants such as smoke, bacteria, fume, fungi and virus-bearing droplet nuclei. Available in M6 to H11 95% DOP efficiencies, the AireFlow-V filter can operate in HVAC systems that face velocities up to 3.38 m/sec.

As high velocity filters, AireFlow-V is designed to withstand the rigors of turbulent airflow, and typically used for applications in medical facilities, universities, pharmaceutical manufacturing, research facilities, foundries, power plants, food and dairy processing facilities, as gas turbine filters… or any other application where clean air and high velocities are required.

Sturdy Mini-Pleat Air Filter Construction

AireFlow-V filter media is manufactured from micro glass fibre media, which is extremely resistant to moisture in high humidity environments. The media is then formed into multiple mini-pleat media packs and assembled into a series of V-banks. These are then securely bonded (fully potted) to an ABS frame casing that forms an industrial filter that is both corrosion and moisture resistant.

The AireFlow-V’s sturdy ABS polymer frame construction ensures rigidity and thermal stability. Superior construction features that include a foam seal on the housing edge, and the mini-pleat media packs being securely bonded to the frame, eliminate chances of contaminant bypass. Vulnerable outer media pleats are also protected by sturdy metal mesh to avoid any potential risk of damage to the filter media during handling, installation or transport. (This reduces the potential risk of fingers damaging the filter media during filter installation).

Commercial and Industrial Air Filter Benefits

Airepure AireFlow-V filters have an extremely low initial pressure drop compared to other industrial air filters on the market. This low-pressure drop results in lower energy costs and extended service intervals.

The AireFlow-V filter is also designed to fit all commonly used filter frames and housings; header size is 20mm, and requires only 300mm depth for installation. Installation position, service side and direction of airflow are flexible.

F8 AireFlow-V Suitable for Sea Salt Applications

The F8 efficiency AireFlow-V is suitable for use in make-up and return AHU applications in facilities located near oceans and in food processing applications where sea salt (airborne salt) is of concern, and will help to increase the life of your equipment by reducing the effects of corrosion due to salt.

The G4 efficiency Airepure Pure-V is the recommended pre-filter to the F8 efficiency AireFlow-V within sea salt applications.

AireFlow-V Important Features

  • Tested to EN779:2012, EN1822-5:2009
  • Energy Saving
  • Airflows up to 1,260 l/sec
  • Operates in 100% Relative Humidity
  • 70° C Maximum Temperature
  • High Dust Holding Capacity
  • 18m2 of Effective Media Area
  • Downstream Face Guard Screens (Optional)
  • Other sizes available upon request

Camfil OPAKFIL ES Energy Saver

Camfil OPAKFIL ES V-bank style filter advantages:

  • Long operating life
  • Light and robust
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Less frequent changes
  • Certified performance optimised for LLC
  • Aerodynamic radial design

For further information on the Camfil OPAKFIL range, please visit

Camfil OPAKFIL ProSafe ES for Food and Pharmaceutical Processing

Camfil’s OPAKFIL ProSafe ES V-bank style filters are specifically produced to fulfill the strict safety requirements for preparatory filtration for cleanrooms in the most energy efficient way.

  • Designed specifically for food and pharmaceutical process safety
  • Manufactured with materials that comply with European Food Contact Regulation (EC) No 1935:2004
  • Free from harmful chemicals Bisphenol A, Pthalates and Formaldehyde
  • Tested resistance to cleanroom decontamination and cleaning procedures (including Hydrogen Peroxide and other commonly used agents)
  • Fully compliant with the ISO 846:2019 anti-microbial growth standard and the VDI 6022 hygiene in HVAC systems standard
  • Individually packaged in a hygienic bag
  • A+ Energy Rating in F7/F8/F9 efficiencies according to Eurovent RS 4/C/001-2015

For further information on the Camfil OPAKFIL ProSafe ES range, please visit

The information provided on this web page is accurate at the time of printing to the best of Airepure Australia’ knowledge, however, it should not be relied upon. Circumstances differ with every installation and location therefore suitability of all Airepure products should be confirmed with a qualified Airepure Technical Representative. ©Airepure Australia 2021.

Airepure AireFlow-V Mini-Pleat Filter
  • Camfil Opakfil ES
    Camfil Opakfil ES

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