Standard Capacity Gasket & Fluid Seal HEPA Filters


AireCell HEPA filters have been designed to meet the needs of critical applications where HEPA filtration is required.

AireCell HEPA filters are rated at H14 to EN 1822:2009.  Optional rating of U15 to EN 1822:2009 is also available.

AireCell HEPA filters have been manufactured from the highest quality of materials under strict quality control conditions, and are certified to ensure performance under the most critical of conditions for performance and leak-free operation.

Typical applications for AireCell HEPA filters include, medical facilities, universities, pharmaceutical manufacturing, research facilities, food and dairy processing facilities and in any application where ultra clean air is a requirement.


The AireCell HEPA filter casing is manufactured from 1.6mm galvanised steel and are constructed into a double turned flange arrangement. AireCell HEPA and ULPA filter media are manufactured from moisture resistant micro glass fibre media, which is highly resistant to moisture in high humidity environments.

The HEPA media is then formed into closely-spaced pleats held apart by corrugated aluminium separators to ensure uniform airflow throughout the media pack. The media pack is then potted into place by urethane sealant into the casing. AireCell Fluid Seal HEPA filters have been designed with a 55mm “knife” edge; this is for applications where existing “Fluid” or “Gel” sealing methods are being used. Fluid seal applications help limit the possibility of air bypass sometimes associated with gasket seal applications.


Each AireCell HEPA filter is individually tested and certified to meet the customer’s requirements for resistance and efficiency. Each filter is labelled noting tested efficiency, pressure drop, rated airflow and serial number. AireCell HEPA filters have been designed to comply with the requirement of AS4260.1997. When used with correctly selected mounting frames, housings or terminal modules, AireCell HEPA filters will easily pass AS1807.6 & AS1807.7 Final Filter Integrity test carried out by a NATA registered laboratory.


  • 304 or 316 Stainless Steel
  • Marine Plywood Casing (non ferrous applications)
  • Polypropylene Separators
  • Upstream & Downstream Faceguard Screens
  • Non-standard Sizes Readily Available
  • Rated U15 to EN 1822:2009
  • Box Style Configuration


Camfil ABSOLUTE CE advantages include:

  • Range of standard sizes
  • Compact design
  • Very high efficiency
  • H13 filters are individually tested

For more information on the Camfil Absolute C range of box type HEPA filters, go to:–ulpa-filters/box-type-filters/absolute-c-d

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