Industrial Air Treatment and Odour Control

Managers of industrial processes need to know that the means of meeting their air quality and odour control requirements are secure. A dependable supplier of industrial air treatment services is an essential ally.

Camfil Airepure carry the most comprehensive inventory of carbon filters, chemical media, HEPA filters and general HVAC filters, including panels, pleats, V-forms, multi-pockets, bags and accessories. We also provide custom air purification solutions, helping Australian production and manufacturing industries design best-practice, low-energy usage air filtration regimes.

Industrial Fume Extraction

Our consultants are thoroughly conversant with all applicable Australian standards, and know how they can be most efficiently met. They have been helping Australian food and dairy manufacturers, smelters, chemical plants and mining sites comply with their statutory obligations, improve air quality and remove offensive odours.

We can provide:

  • Activated carbon filters and chemical media for odour control and the removal of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) such as smoke, automotive and diesel exhaust.
  • HEPA filtration systems for specialty food and dairy manufacturing requirements.
  • Air cleaning technologies for purging airborne chemical release and controlling offensive or toxic odours.

Our gas phase chemical media filtration systems offer unprecedented control of hazardous or malodorous gases. These systems include corrosive air units for pulp and paper mills, positive pressure units for electronic control rooms, deep bed scrubbers for chemical plants; as well as real-time air quality monitoring.

We distribute and install the Strobic Air Tristack fan – a process fume exhaust system for rooftops, which provides a safer solution for the release of emergency diesel generator exhaust.

For manufacturing plants where process generated airborne contaminants threaten surrounding air quality, we supply Power-Clean electrostatic precipitators, together with installation and maintenance. These powerful air scrubbing systems effectively remove VOC’s and odours such as welding and soldering fumes, rubber curing and moulding smoke, forging lubricant effluent, machine tool coolant mist and industrial process exhaust.

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