Environmental Air Quality Control

Legislation affecting airborne emissions around waste water and sewerage treatment plants is extensive, and urban encroachment continues to create challenges for established sites. Production facilities can face an uphill task in understanding the multiple standards and regulations, let alone complying with them.

At Camfil Airepure we make it our business to maintain an expert familiarity with current air quality legislation, and we can provide technologies for you to comply with those requirements. So that whatever the nature of the exhaust you need to purge or treat, we will have a solution for you. Our solutions cover activated carbon and chemical media filtration, ar purification technologies and odour control systems for waste water and sewerage treatment plants, as well as mining and industrial process applications.

Activated Carbon Odour Control Systems

Airepure’s Environmental air purification solutions include an extensive range of chemical and biological odour control, degasification, air scrubbers, emergency gas scrubbers, thermal and catalytic oxidization technologies. Air pollution control technologies we deploy include:

  • Air cleaning technologies for purging air-borne chemical release and controlling odour for waste water facilities, sewerage and water treatment plants, mining and industrial process exhausts.
  • Gas phase chemical media air filtration – control of toxic, corrosive and malodorous airborne contaminants, together with real-time air quality monitoring
  • Strobic Air Tristack rooftop fume extraction – a simpler, safer, more reliable and aesthetically superior replacement for tall, unsightly rooftop exhaust installations. Strobic Air Tristack installations are less visible from the property line than conventional stacks.
  • Power-Clean – the leading edge system that uses an electrostatic precipitator to remove process-generated airborne contaminants. It is suited both to indoor applications and to exhausts.

As one of Australia’s national air filtration suppliers, we offer more than simply the most comprehensive catalogue of air purification equipment. We also carry comprehensive stocks of air filtration media, so you will never be short of a replacement air filter. We are NATA-Accredited to perform air quality testing, and can therefore be relied upon to specify the correct system for your application. So it pays to consult Camfil Airepure right from the design stage of your air quality control installation.

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