Product Catalogue - HEPA Filters & HEPA Housing Systems

HEPA filters are designed and rated to intercept airborne particles at 0.3 μm, for applications where ultra clean air is a requirement. Sub micron particles may not be retained by conventional filter media so HEPA filters exploit a variety of micro-mechanisms to arrest these particles. HEPA filtration is a complex field, and compliance standards are stringent, so when equipping your plant, you should use only those suppliers with a comprehensive understanding of HEPA filtration.

Airepure specialises in HEPA filters and filtration. Not only do we keep comprehensive stocks of filter media and other consumables, but our HEPA filtration engineers can advise you on the correct HEPA installation for the needs of your site. They know and understand all applicable air purity standards in all the industries that use HEPA filters, and know how to comply with them.

Industrial HEPA Clean Room Solutions

p>Not all HEPA filters meet – or need to meet – the most exacting standards of which the technology is capable. Over-specifying your filtration needs can result in unnecessary cost, short filter life and excessive energy usage.

Airepure provides HEPA systems providing the following levels of purification:

• 95% purity
• 99.97% at 0.3 μm
• 99.999% at 0.3 μm,

…as well as ULPA filters from 99.999 % at 0.12 μm.

High humidity or hot processes require HEPA filters specially designed to work in high temperatures.

Your Airepure representative will advise you as to the standards you need to meet and help you devise a cost-effective way of achieving compliance.

Airepure is NATA accredited to test and calibrate HEPA filter systems, so once your system is installed we are authorised to certify its compliance with applicable standards.