Product Catalogue - Medium High Efficiency Rigid Filters

This product catalogue contains a selection of HVAC air filters, V bank filters, compact filters, pleated filters and rigid filters, as well as mini pleat filters and industrial HVAC filters.

General PureCell Extended Surface Rigid Filter Separator

Designed with medium to high-efficiency filtration in mind, this rigid filter is suitable for most commercial or industrial HVAC systems. It can withstand the rigors of turbulent airflow, while also removing air contaminants like smoke, bacteria, fumes, fungi and virus-bearing droplet nuclei.

General PureCell II Extended Surface Synthetic Media Rigid Filter

The General PureCell II filter is a space-saving system that’s only 100mm deep. It removes contaminants from the air and is also suitable for most commercial or industrial HVAC systems.

General PurePak Extended Surface Synthetic Media Rigid Filters

Constructed from an exclusive blend of electrostatically enhanced synthetic fibres, the PurePak is available as a standard box frame or single header model.

Airepure AireFlow-V

This filtration system is manufactured from micro-glass fibre media, which makes it resistant to moisture in high-humidity environments. This commercial and industrial filter can remove air borne contaminants and its sturdy ABS polymer frame ensures rigidity and thermal stability.

AP Sea Salt Filter

With a 90% removal efficiency, the AP Sea Salt Filter will increase the life of your equipment by reducing the effects of salt-induced corrosion. Our Arrestor filter replaces traditional filters in systems where salt is a particular area of concern, usually in facilities located within coastal regions or in food processing situations.

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