Product Catalogue - Controlled Airflow Systems

With the rise of the electronics industry, more and more of today’s industrial processes demand air purity of a similar order to that required by biosafety cabinets in biological research and pathology labs. Whether manufacturing computer chips or testing biopsy samples, only laminar air flow cabinets and pass through boxes can deliver the quality of air needed to prevent contamination.

Laminar Air Flow Pass Through Boxes, Air Showers, Clean Rooms

Laminar Air Flow regimes are scientifically complex. Elements of a successful laminar flow system include:

• HEPA filters are used to purify intake air
• Filtered air is directed very precisely within the laminar flow cabinet, creating a smooth air flow vector away from the work piece and towards the user.
• Cabinets are designed to be joint- and gap-free, to defeat microbiological growth.

Camfil Airepure supply quality laminar flow hoods and clean room air purity systems. Our engineers are fully conversant not only with the technological aspects of laminar flow air quality control but with the different standards that apply to each application.

Our products include:

  • HEPA Air Filter systems and consumable media.
  • Pass Through Boxes and Pass Hatches – these enable the delivery of materials and equipment to and from a sterile area. Our pass boxes feature robust, crevice-free construction in powder-coated steel, an electronic door interlocking system that prevents both doors from being opened simultaneously.
  • Air Showers – our DA series are enclosures supplied with high-velocity HEPA-filtered air to remove particulate contamination from the clothing of workers entering a clean zone.
  • Custom Laminar Air Downflow Units, Cabinets, Booths and Ceilings– our engineers use Laminar air down-flow ceilings to create controlled environments of ultra clean air classed as Grade A to ISO14644.1-2002. This standard typically exists to protect personnel, products and adjoining areas. Laminar air down-flow booths create a controlled environment for the sampling, grinding, dispensing and filling processes typically used in pharmaceutical, fine chemical and food industries.
  • Laminar downflow and hybrid laminar downflow ventilation systems (refer to Ultra Clean Operating Theatre Ventilation Systems)
  • Terminal, ducted and safe change HEPA housing systems (refer to Containment Filtration Systems)

Better still, Camfil Airepure have NATA accreditation, meaning that when we design a system for you we can test, calibrate and certify it for you.