Product Catalogue - Gaseous Filtration

With air quality standards becoming ever more onerous, industrial processes that produce toxic airborne emissions need the very best in gaseous filtration. It’s tough keeping up with the latest legislation, let alone knowing the details of the technology required to comply with it.

Activated Carbon Gas Filters

Airepure specialise in air quality control, with engineers who have a thorough grounding in activated carbon filtration and chemical media gas phase filters. We can specify and supply precisely the gaseous filtration equipment and carbon media you need to comply with mandatory standards.

Our readily stocked activated carbon filter range includes:

• AirePleat-CC self-supporting cardboard pleated panel filter packed with activated carbon filter media for light odour control such as commercial garbage or refuse rooms.
• AireFlow-CC rigid V-bank style mini pleat filter packed with activated carbon filter media for heavy odour control such as industrial or food processing plants and loading docks.
• Disposable bonded activated carbon filter panels for existing filter housings. Bonded chemical media panels for specialised odour applications are also available.


Airepure’s partner in gaseous filtration is Purafil. The Purafil product range includes solutions for all kinds of toxic, corrosive, odourous and hazardous gas. Design advantages include up to ten times greater media life than rival products, quick and easy media changes and low pressure drops. Products include:

• Purafil chemical media air cleaning pellets and chemical filters for the adsorption of toxic, corrosive, odourous and hazardous gases.
• Purafil self-contained air purification and air cleaning systems for areas where high contaminant gas levels are present; including corrosive air units for pulp and paper mills, positive pressure units for electronic control rooms, deep bed scrubbers for chemical plants, drum scrubbers for wastewater treatment plants.
• Purafil fresh air sachets for the removal of ethylene during the transport and storage of fresh produce.
• Purafil OnGuard 4000 atmospheric corrosion monitors for the accurate measurement of corrosion, temperature and relative humidity in electronic control rooms, data centres and specialty applications such as museum archives and steel or metal smelter facilities.

Whatever your gaseous filtration needs, your Airepure representative will be happy to advise you on the most efficient way of meeting them.