Product Catalogue - Extended Surface Bag Filters

At Camfil Airepure, our extended surface bag filter range includes deep bed filters, industrial bag filters, surface bag filters and even multi-pocket filters and hvac bag filters.

Our deep bed filters and bag filters are suitable for general-purpose filtration applications in industrial and commercial applications, and are ideal for non-critical applications or as a pre-filter to extend the life of the secondary filter.

Camfil Airepure’s range of AirePak multi-pocket filters are designed for use in most commercial or industrial HVAC systems where medium to high-efficiency filtration is required. The AirePak has been designed to withstand the rigors of turbulent airflow and can remove contaminants such as smoke, bacteria, fumes, fungi and virus-bearing droplet nuclei.

Included in the range are:

DuoPak Deep Bed Filters

Available in standard sizes with the efficiency of MERV 10 (F5) to ASHRAE 52.2 Test Method, DuoPak Deep Bed filters are suitable for non-critical applications or as a pre-filter.

FourPak Deep Bed Filters

Our FourPak Deep Bed filters have the efficiency of G4 to F7 and are suitable for general-purpose filtration in both industrial and commercial applications.

AireCube and AireCone Deep Bed Filters

Each of these filters has an efficiency of G4, F5 or F7, can be used in general-purpose situations, and are suitable for non-critical or pre-filter applications.

MultiPak Deep Bed Air Filters

MultiPak Deep Bed Filters can be purchased in standard sizes with an efficiency of F5 and F7. Perfect for both industrial and commercial use in non-critical applications or as a pre-filter.

AirePak Extended Surface Multi-Pocket Bag Filters

The AirePak Extended Surface Multi-Pocket Bag filter is designed to suit most commercial and industrial HVAC systems, as it provides medium to high-efficiency filtration.

Camfil Hi-Flo Glass Fibre Multi-Pocket Bag Filters

Camfil Hi-Flo Glass Fibre, Multi-Pocket Bag filter range is designed for use within supply and exhaust air applications, including pre-filtration within cleanrooms.

Want to know more about our pocket and hvac bag filters, as well as our large range of extended surface bag filters? Ask us for more information on our bed and bag filters today!