Product Catalogue - Electronic Corrosion Control & Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring and Electronic Corrosion Control

Our society grows more dependent on electronics every day. Lead-based solders were relatively resistant to corrosion, but these have been replaced on the basis of RoHS regulations with fluxes which are far more vulnerable to airborne contaminants. Warranty claims may be voided if parts fail due to corrosion arising from airborne impurities. Manufacturers often now specify an ISA Class G1 environment. With large investments in capital equipment and requirements for reliable server uptime, effective air quality monitoring and testing is vital.

Computer servers and other sensitive electronic equipment require clean rooms which not only provide temperature control, but electronic corrosion prevention as well, through sophisticated air quality control.

Clean Room Corrosion Control

Purafil are the acknowledged leaders in air purification media, and Airepure can supply Purafil products that filter and scrub the air in your data centre or electronic control room, while continually monitoring it for harmful pollutants. This means that we can interpret your equipment manufacturer’s air quality requirements, assess your ambient air quality and advise you on the filtration and detection systems needed to ensure that you comply.


Purafil make a complete range of clean room filter solutions for data centres and electronic control rooms, certified to comply with ISO 9001. Purification equipment includes:

  • Purafil Positive Pressurisation ‘Unit (PPU)
  • Purafil Corrosive Air Recirculating Air Handler (CA) – designed to handle low-to-moderate levels of contaminant.
  • Purafil Deep Bed Scrubber (DBS) –to address higher levels of contaminants
  • Under-floor Air Filtration for supplying clean air to cold aisle systems with raised floors.

Your Airepure representative will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your particular requirements.

Electronic Corrosion Detection and Monitoring

Purafil’s range of OnGuard Corrosion Monitors are detection systems for measuring Airborne Molecular Contaminants (AMCs). These systems can detect contaminant levels at or less than one part per billion (1 ppb). Requiring very little maintenance, OnGuard checks and verifies the effectiveness of your clean-room performance, alerting you to contamination before it reaches harmful levels.