Product Catalogue - E11, H14 and U15 Rated HEPA Filters

Airepure’s HEPA filter range consists of mini pleat HEPA filters, gasket seal HEPA filters, fluid seal or gel seal HEPA filters, high temperature HEPA filters and high velocity HEPA filters.

Our HEPA filters are manufactured from the highest quality of materials under strict quality control conditions, and are certified to ensure performance under the most critical of conditions for performance and leak-free operation.

Airepure HEPA filters are individually tested and rated at the following efficiencies:

  • Rated at E11 to EN 1822:2009
  • Rated at H14 to EN 1822:2009
  • Rated at U15 to EN 1822:2009

Airepure also provide NATA accredited HEPA testing services.

Typical applications for Airepure HEPA filters include clean room air filter applications, such as medical facilities, university laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, research facilities, food and dairy processing facilities and any other application where ultra clean air is a requirement.

AIRECELL 95: E11 Rated HEPA Filter

Rated at E11 to EN 1822:2009, AireCell 95 filters provide a higher efficiency than standard “F” rated particulate filters, where HEPA filtration is not a requirement.

AIREPANEL: H14 and U15 Rated Mini-Pleat HEPA Filter

Rated at H14 to EN 1822:2009, AirePanel Mini-pleat HEPA filters offer significant savings on energy and meet the needs of critical applications where HEPA filtration is required.

AIRECELL: H14 and U15 Rated HEPA Filters

AireCell HEPA filters are available in gasket seal or fluid seal options and certified to ensure performance under the most critical of conditions where HEPA filtration is required.

AIRECELL HC: High Capacity Gasket Seal HEPA Filters

AireCell HC HEPA filters are designed for optimum performance and provide a lower operating cost in both new and existing systems.

AIRECELL HT: High Temperature HEPA Filters

AireCell HT HEPA filters are designed to operate at temperatures up to 260°C

AIREFLOW-HC: High Velocity HEPA Filters

AireFlow-HC HEPA filters have been designed for high airflow applications requiring HEPA efficiency at a low initial pressure drop.

For information on the Camfil range of quality HEPA product stocked nationally, please visit–ulpa-filters

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