Product Catalogue - Containment Air Filtration Systems

Airepure Australia’s range of airborne containment and isolation filtration systems include:

  • Airborne, radioactive, biological and chemical hazard containment systems
  • HEPA (particulate) and HEGA (gaseous) containment systems
  • Bag In / Bag Out (BIBO) fluid and gasket seal housings
  • Bubble tight isolation dampers
  • Gas tight isolation dampers
  • In place efficiency test housings
  • Decontamination and fumigation ports
  • Custom engineered filtration systems
  • Terminal mounted HEPA containment systems and housings
  • Inline HEPA containment systems and housings
  • 250 micron, SS mesh insect screens and return air assemblies with pre-filtration

Biocontainment and Infection Control for Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms

These systems may be suitable for the following applications:

  • Hospital negative pressure isolation rooms, quarantine rooms or isolation wards
  • PC3 or PC4 rated laboratory facilities
  • Advanced military, pharmaceutical, biological and biotech laboratory facilities
  • Industries or research facilities that handle dangerous or biological, radiological or carcinogenic materials

Stainless Steel Mesh Insect Screens

Airepure’s 250 micron, 316 stainless steel mesh insect screen is designed following the OGTR Guidelines (Office of the Gene Technology Regulator), an independent statutory holder under the Australian Government Department of Health.

The Insect Screen or Thrip Screen is often used in HVAC systems for airborne infection control by guarding against insect migration in or out of controlled spaces.

Terminal Mounted HEPA Containment Housings

Airepure offer and range of standard and custom terminal mounted HEPA containment housings. These can be made to include OGTR compliant insect screens, pre filters and an access door to the air-off side of the HEPA filters for testing.

Inline Containment Exhaust Filtration Systems

Airepure provide custom inline containment filtration systems to suit your specific requirements. Simple inline systems may include an upstream injection port for introducing challenge aerosol in the duct system and an inline HEPA housing, containing a HEPA filter and an access door for scan testing. More complex inline systems may include a BIBO style containment housing with bubble-tight isolation dampers, decontamination / fumigation ports, a remote scan arrangement for testing and BIBO arrangements for filter change out.

Flanders CSC Airborne Containment and Isolation Technologies

Flanders CSC are a manufacturer of HEPA and HEGA containment systems for military, pharmaceutical, hospital and biotech laboratory air filtration. They set the standard for nuclear, biological and chemical airborne hazard infection control in isolation and negative pressure rooms.