Product Catalogue - Industrial & Commercial Kitchen Exhausts

Cooking odours may not be toxic, but they are one of the most frequent offenders against local council by-laws. Smoke from cooking may draw unwanted attention and have unpleasant associated odours, so it’s vital that commercial food outlets control their emissions by installing effective kitchen ventilation, electrostatic precipitators and exhaust fans.

Councils, and the residents whose interests they protect, are becoming less tolerant of offensive noise and odours from commercial kitchens. Once a kitchen is built, though, it is extremely difficult and expensive to make alterations to an air quality system which is not performing in accordance with the applicable standards. It is vital, therefore, that designers get commercial kitchen exhaust right first time, creating a system that can deal effectively with – and in compliance of Standards to – the airborne emissions their clients will be producing.

Kitchen Exhaust Filters, Electrostatic Precipitators

Food preparation entails chemical processes of great complexity, and different culinary styles produce markedly different particulate and gaseous burdens.

For instance, a traditional pub bistro (rated Type 2) typically uses low grease, medium heat-producing equipment such as griddles, ranges, conventional fryers, tilting skillets, steam kettles and gas ovens. These produce low smoke levels and medium grease and odour levels. By contrast a charcoal chicken shop uses high grease, high temperature equipment such as solid fuel-fired open flame beds. These produce large volumes of smoke and airborne grease, and are rated Type 5. Clearly different approaches to air quality control are needed in each case.

Airepure is Australia’s leading supplier of air filtration products, systems and consumables. Not only can we assist you with all aspects of a compliant system (AS/NZS 1668.2), we design site-specific air quality regimes for commercial food outlets. We also supply the most effective range of commercial kitchen hood filters, in duct odour control and air cleaning units, duct mounted ESP’s (electronic precipitators) and multi-exhaust plant room ESP’s.