Product Catalogue - Air Filtration Media

Bulk Air Filter Media Pads

Whether you’re after air conditioner filter materials, ventilation or pre-filtration fibres, Airepure Australia has a large selection of standard and custom-sized media pads that are manufactured from thermally-bonded polyester fibres and recycled materials. Our range includes G2 Media, G3 Media, G4 Media and F5 Media.

Sperifilt Media Air Filter Rolls

Our media air filter rolls are available in a range of standard sized rolls and custom sized pads and are among the highest-quality diffusion media products that are available today.

In fact, the Sperifilt 6/65 media has progressively denser fibres as they approach the downstream side, as well as fibres that are impregnated with tackifier and polyester netting to ensure optimum efficiency.

Air Filter Material Efficiency Guide

When purchasing your air filter media rolls, always take their filter efficiency ratings and standards into consideration. At Airpure Australia, all of our air filter media supplies comply with Australian standards and are designed to improve the energy efficiency and air quality of any site.

Our filter efficiency guides compare our products against Australian, European and American filter efficiency guidelines, and will help you make an informed purchasing decision when you’re looking at any of our media filtration systems.

For more information on our comprehensive selection of air filter media supplies and air conditioner filter replacement products, contact us today!