04 February 2016

PowerClean ESP Systems Clean Kitchen Exhaust Air at Melbourne Docklands Harbour Town


In 2004, ten PowerClean large scale auto wash ESP systems of various single pass configurations were installed at Melbourne Docklands Harbour Town precinct.  These electronic air cleaning systems have provided over a decade of reliable operation and are still functioning as installed without any operational, mechanical or electronic failures.

The Harbour Town precinct (previously known as Waterfront City), located along the Melbourne Docklands, is home to over 120 specialty and outlet stores, around 17 restaurants, cafes and fast food dining venues and several large entertainment facilities including the Melbourne Star (nee Southern Star) Observation Wheel.

Given the various specialty shops, executive suites, residential apartments and open space recreation areas surrounding these various dining venues, there was requirement to neutralise offensive commercial kitchen exhaust emissions (including grease, smoke and odour) to maintain acceptable air and noise quality in and around the precinct. Due consideration was also given to ongoing operation and maintenance requirements and costs.

PowerClean large-scale auto wash ESP systems, manufactured by Air Scrubbers Inc. were selected.  Airepure is the distributor of these systems Australia wide.

Ideal for multi-kitchen exhaust applications, these superior and dependable electronic air cleaning systems maintain a constant airflow resistance that prevents unwanted fluctuations in the system air volume. This ensures that all exhaust contaminant particles are captured efficiently and effectively in a single pass.

Additional features of the PowerClean systems include:

  • Superior ESP collector cells with sturdy ionizing electrodes made from rigid stainless steel to remove the smoke and grease particles from the air. The Harbour Town PowerClean systems have provided over a decade of reliable operation, and are still functioning on their original ESP cells.
  • Dependable power supply with robust electronics delivers split second recovery from momentary arcing and ensures a constant and reliable ongoing airflow resistance stream from the moment the system initiates.
  • High efficiency safety filters as backup for your peace of mind.
  • Bonded activated carbon filters for effective odour control.
  • Automatic wash-in-place cleaning system with user friendly programmable logic controls.

See attached Airepure Case Study: Melbourne Docklands, Harbour Town Precinct for details.

**Featured image shows Harbour Town Docklands at night. Picture: Stefano Ferro


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