Airepure Partners

Airepure Australia is a member of the ELTA Group Ltd.

The ELTA Group of companies are located across three continents (Europe, South Africa and Asia Pacific) and together with a network of distributors provide quality filters, fans and related ventilation equipment to customers across the world.

Our sister companies within Australia include Air Design, Fantech, Fantech Plus, Idealair Group, Systemaire and Hydor.  See below for more information and links.


Airepure Australia

Airepure Australia provide air filtration and wet scrubber scrubber technologies aimed at odour control and air-born chemical release prevention within industrial and waste water plants and facilities; provide ultra clean air filtration, HEPA filter and air-born containment technologies to science, medical and pharmaceutical industry applications; and provide air conditioning filters, odour control and air-born containment solutions for commercial vanues, facilities and mobile plants.

Airepure has office or agent locations in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Perth, Adelaide, Launceston and Hobart, servicing clients from a diverse range of industries; including industrial, mining, chemical and petro-chemical, waste water, health and health science, pharmaceutical, building and commercial.


Air Design

Air Design manufacture a unique range of air handling equipment and distribute a complete range of ventilation products in Queensland, Northern Territory, Northern New South Wales and Papua New Guinea.

This vast range of product is backed by a highly skilled sales and engineering team and AS/NZS ISO9001-2008 certification.

The Air Design products range from MICROtherm Fan coil Units (500l/s) to the modular MEGAtherm Air handling units with a capacity from 15000l/s to 38000l/s.



Fantech has been at the forefront of fan and acoustics technology by developing and implementing new, innovative and energy sustainable products for virtually every air movement and ventilation need, as well as noise attenuation.

The Fantech product range includes fans, attenuators, VAV diffusers and accessories which service the requirements of commercial, residential, industrial and health service facilities.

Fantech offers a comprehensive network of representatives, including offices in all capital cities and regions of Australia and New Zealand, as well as throughout South East Asia.


Fantech Trade

FantechTrade has the most comprehensive range of fans and accessories available for use in most domestic and commercial applications.

Products include fans for wall, ceiling, window, duct and roof mounting and well as ancilleries, fan kits, hand dryers and air curtains.

Fantech Trade products are readily available through and extensive network of electrical wholesalers thoughout Australia and New Zealand.


Idealair Group

Idealair group distribute a wide range of products and services to the HVAC and Refrigeration sector.

Products and services include heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, energy recovery, natural ventilation, diffusion, ducting, filtration, fire protection, attenuation and hydroponics.

Idealair group have stores in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.



Systemaire is the West Australian branch office for Fantech Pty Ltd, and supply fans, filters, sound attenuators and dust and fume extraction equipment to the West Australian HVAC industry.

Hydor logo


Hydor offer a wide range of Industrial, Agricultural and Horticultural Ventilation Products.

Products include exhaust fans, air circulators, blowers and coolers which may be used in applications such as poultry and livestock housing, workshops, factories, silos, milking sheds, welding yards, hydroponics, nursery, greenhouses and glasshouses.