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  • NATA accredited onsite testing

    01 November 2018 Airepure NATA CST HEPA Integrity Test_landscape

    What does an Airepure NATA accredited field service technician do? NATA accredited field service technicians typically perform a range of mechanical tests relating to air quality. They perform on-site testing using prescribed Australian Standard.

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  • Air Filters for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

    19 September 2018 hospital air filter

    Air Filtration and its Practical Application in the Hospital Environment The essential functions of air filters are to improve indoor air quality and to protect downstream equipment and facility components.   Within hospital environments, air quality.

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  • Airepure Australia is ISO 9001:2015 Accredited

    25 May 2018 Equal assurance certified

    Airepure Australia operates Quality Management Systems which comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the supply and customisation of air and gas phase filtration products, which include odour, dust and chemical control, bio-medical.

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  • Kitchen Exhaust Filtration Design

    01 March 2018 Commercial Kitchen

    Complete 2 part series on kitchen exhaust design Part 1 of 2-part series on kitchen exhaust design This article is split between two consecutive issues. Part 1 (Ecolibrium March 2018) looks at kitchen exhaust filtration.

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  • Operating Theatre Ventilation System Design

    25 September 2017 Operating theatre ventilation

    Design Considerations for Operating Theatre Ventilation Systems There are many types of operating theatres within hospitals and healthcare facilities – all of which require a suitable “final stage of air filtration” that is dependent.

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  • Cleanroom HEPA solutions for Holmesglen Private Hospital

    26 June 2017 private hospital

    Airepure provides Focus UVC operating theatre ventilation systems and terminal HEPA supply modules to the recently opened Holmesglen Private Hospital. Holmesglen Private Hospital Holmesglen Private Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility that provides an extensive.

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