25 September 2019

Manifolded Fume Exhaust System for UNSW SEB

fume exhaust system

The new Science and Engineering Building (SEB), located within the physical sciences precinct at UNSW Sydney’s Kensington campus offers ultra-modern research facilities, science laboratories, classrooms and performance spaces to the Schools of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Arts and Media.

UNSW, Multiplex (builders), Grimshaw Architects and ARUP (mechanical consultants) collaborated to create a building with a flexible laboratory core for future requirements of space and equipment, whilst balancing energy efficiency and building sustainability.

Arup was engaged by the University of New South Wales to do the mechanical design for the new Science and Engineering Building. Airepure assisted Arup from an early stage with the design of a safe and cost effective manifolded laboratory fume cupboard exhaust system.

Considerations throughout the design included but were not limited to:

  • Quantity of exhaust air required to adequately serve the demands of the fume cupboards and general exhaust system. There were approximately 120 fume cupboards, and the general exhaust ventilation requirements were similar in volume to the fume cupboards ventilation requirements.
  • Selection of a minimum nozzle discharge velocity to ensure no adverse effect to the surrounding areas from the fume exhaust.
  • Use of a control system for the manifolded fans to ensure a safe and compliant amount of air is ventilated from each fume cupboard at all times.
  • Using a design which allows for simple reconfiguration of the laboratories to future proof the building.
  • Achieving a minimum possible energy consumption and operating costs whilst meeting above aims.

laboratory fume cupboard exhaust systemAfter a lengthy design, Arup was able to successfully design the manifolded laboratory exhaust system and size Strobic Air Tri-Stack™ Mixed Flow Diluton Fans to achieve the desired outcomes.

Six x TS3L370C15M fans were supplied on a 6-fan plenum.  The system operates as a five operational fan system with one redundant fan, controlled by Strobic Air’s proprietary Smart System.

For more information, read the UNSW SEB feature published in Ecolibrium Vol 18.8, September 2019.


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