01 March 2003

IVF Laboratories Benefit from Dry Chemical Air Filtration


Purafil enhances indoor air quality (IAQ) at life science facilities using dry-chemical filtration. Research indicates that airborne molecular contamination (AMC) leads to serious damage in sensitive cleanroom areas. In in-vitro fertilization labs, for example, AMC effects can result in a threefold decrease in success rates. By applying dry-chemical filtration, however, pregnancy rates increase significantly.

Gas-phase air filtration systems also improve personnel comfort by removing odours, and they help facilities comply with requirements for minimizing pharmaceutical and sterilisation process defects.

As published in The European Journal of Parenteral & Pharmaceutical Sciences Purafil technical experts examine the uses of dry chemical or dry scrubbing gas-phase air filtration systems in critical pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science clean room applications.

Attached article written by Brad Stanley, Purafil Chemical Engineer and Chris Muller, Purafil Technical Services Manager.  Published in European Journal of Parenteral & Pharmaceutical Sciences 2004.