14 February 2015

Containment Systems Remove Harmful Airborne Contaminants at Frankston Hospital

containment housing unit

Two Bag In/Bag Out containment housings were installed for the isolation room exhaust system of the newly constructed Emergency Department at Frankston Hospital, Melbourne.  These specialised airborne containment systems remove and contain potentially harmful airborne biological hazards from the air stream.

The Frankston Hospital provides public acute health care services to the residents of the fast growing Mornington Peninsula (Southern Melbourne).  The $81M redevelopment, known as Frankston Hospital Stage 3 opened in February 2015 and included a new and larger Emergency Department, a Coronary Care Unit and two General Wards.

Double the original floor size, Frankston Hospitals’ new Emergency Department features a Short Stay Unit with a bariatric bed, a fast track area with paediatric and family spaces, medical imaging facilities, a dedicated mental health area, a resuscitation area and triage, treatment spaces and an isolation room.

Hospital air quality is critically important and directly impacts patients and hospital staff. Outside air is typically filtered or scrubbed clean at air intake points into the facility, and contaminated air is typically filtered or scrubbed clean before it leaves as exhaust air.

Typical hazards from the exhaust air of an Emergency Department Isolation Room may include viruses, bacteria spores and possible external contaminants.  BG-Series Bag In/Bag Out containment housings were selected to ensure the exhaust air from the Frankston Hospital Isolation Room is clean and free from any potentially hazardous contaminants before being released into the atmosphere.

The Bag In/Bag Out containment housings feature side access bag in/bag out ports which allow pre and HEPA filters that have been contaminated during service to be removed from the housing without direct contact with service personnel.


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