05 September 2018

WIOA Conference Bendigo

Air filtration solutions

Airepure exhibited at the WIOA Victoria Conference and Exhibition, held in Bendigo.

This event was hosted by the WIOA (Water Industry Operations Association of Australia).

Airepure has 20 years’ experience in supplying specialty and engineered solutions to the environmental and waste water treatment market.

Our products and services include:

  • Large scale, certified FRP and stainless steel containment systems for carbon and emergency applications.
  • Integrated scrubbers and control systems including electronics and fluid controls.
  • Emergency gas scrubbers for the control of catastrophic gas releases.
  • Self-contained air scrubbing, corrosive air and positive pressure units for controlled environments.
  • Custom deep bed scrubbers the effective removal of highly corrosive or toxic gas and odours.
  • Specialty chemical odour control units.
  • Custom, large scale chemical control systems.
  • Mobile odour control units (trailer size through to container size).
  • Corrosive air monitoring systems.
  • Jet plume odour dilution.
  • Testing and maintenance services, including gauges and physical repairs.
  • Design through to commissioning services and consulting.

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